Teeth Whitening



So you’ve decided to whiten your teeth; congratulations as this is one of the best, cost effective ways to improve your smile.

So how do we go about it here at Avalon? Many years ago we researched the market & reviewed all the techniques available (& we continue to research to keep up-to-date). There were night-time whitening kits, day-time whitening kits, instant kits & the so-called in-office power whitening using a bright light. Forget about laser lights as this is just marketing hype; lasers cannot be used to whiten teeth.
The public often want instant results & the in-office light systems appear to do this. A strong gel is painted on the teeth & “activated” with a light. The gel is just a stronger concentration whitening gel & the mouth open technique along with the light dehydrates & whitens the teeth.  To maintain the whiteness the clinic often advises a home-care kit as well, as the result often fades within days…Make of that what you will. 

So what do we do here at Avalon?

Well we cut out any use of flashy lights & provide you with a home-care kit system that has been researched & shown to work well. We make comfortable close fitting whitening trays & supply you with top quality whitening gel that will whiten your teeth in 2 weeks or so, & more importantly, stay that way for a good period of time. We monitor you over the treatment period & will take before & after photographs.  It is most important that your teeth & gums are in good condition before whitening. Please beware of beauty salons & tanning studios offering whitening. They are working unregulated & often outside the law in offering these treatments. We have come across some studios using gels & solutions that are totally unsuited for use in the mouth. Unless your teeth & gums are in good health you could damage them further with whitening treatments. Also remember to get a professional cleaning before whitening as it’s pointless whitening stain & scale!

Oh & of course once you have the whitening trays they will last for some considerable time so you can top-up your treatment any time you wish with further gel supplies available on prescription from us.

Don’t just take our word for it…

teeth-whitening-photos1So how does it work: we use 15% carbamide peroxide gel & this permeates into the enamel lifting out years of staining & other impurities.  Indeed it is easier to whiten old, dark, teeth.

  • No amount of bleaching will yield “unnaturally” white teeth.
  • Hollywood white is achievable but will take much, much longer that the 2 week average.
  • Whitening results are not fully seen until a little while after treatment. This is an important consideration if you are about to have ceramic or other cosmetic restorations & want to be sure the colour matches that of your newly whitened teeth.
  • Please remember that we cannot whiten old stained fillings & crowns, but they can be replaced with restorations of a matching lighter shade.
  • Recessed grooved teeth often reveal their yellowish root surfaces at the gum line. That yellow colour has proven difficult to whiten. However these problems can be masked with cosmetic composite bonding.

To find out more please call us with any questions you may have on 01293 616414 or email us.

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