Clearstep is an invisible orthodontic system designed to treat all types of orthodontic problems, from just a small gap to severe crowding. Whether you’re teenager or just ready to draw your pension, Clearstep may just be what you’re looking for. To put it simply, Clearstep is a way of achieving a beautiful smile invisibly.


As a registered Clearstep practice we will work closely with Clearstep to provide you with a treatment plan that best suits your needs.

A whole range of exciting invisible orthodontic approaches are available & we will discuss all possible options with you to ensure that the most comfortable & efficient method for your orthodontic problem is chosen.

During the course of treatment we will monitor your progress at regular intervals until the best possible result is achieved or until you are happy with your smile.

Clearstep is unlike conventional orthodontics as it’s almost invisible so no-one will notice unless you tell them.

Our Fees: We can carry out an initial Clearstep Assessment during your examination, & there is no extra charge for this. At this appointment we will assess to see whether Clearstep is for you & you can find out a bit more before proceeding.

If you are happy to go ahead then you will need a Clearstep Diagnosis which will cost £199.

At this appointment impressions will be taken of upper & lower arches along with appropriate clinical photographs & necessary intra-oral x-rays. A further free appointment will be arranged to discuss treatment recommendations & options.

You should budget approximately £2300 for treatment to one arch & £3900 for treatment to both arches; however a more detailed estimate will be provided once all the diagnostics are undertaken.

If you decide to go ahead with treatment then the diagnostic fee will be waived plus you will be eligible for a free tooth whitening treatment. This will be carried out towards the end of treatment.
Occasionally it may be necessary to refer you for further extra-oral x-rays; if so we will inform you of the expected additional cost.

Please note you have 3 months from the time of this appointment to decide whether to take up treatment. If you delay beyond 3 months then further impressions & photographs will be required at additional cost.

If initially you request treatment to both arches, then decide to proceed with upper or lower only (or vice versa), a further diagnostic fee will be required.

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