Childrens Teeth


Children are very welcome in our practice. They develop rapidly & for that reason it is important they are seen for professional advice (& treatment if required) at an early age. So how soon should you book an appointment? We all believe that about 6 months old is the right time to start; this allows your child to get used to us & we can also advise on the correct diet & brushing techniques, even before the teeth appear. Why not ask if you can bring them along at your next exam appointment?

The main cause of tooth decay is not the amount of sugar in the diet, but how often it is eaten or drunk. The more often your child has sugary foods or drinks, the more likely they are to have decay. It is therefore important to keep sugary foods to mealtimes only. If you want to give your child a snack, try to stick to cheese, vegetables & fruit, but not dried fruit.

It is also worth remembering that some processed baby foods contain quite a lot of sugar. Try checking the list of ingredients: the higher up the list sugar is, the more there is in the product. Thorough brushing twice a day, particularly last thing at night, will help to prevent tooth decay.

Decay in baby, deciduous teeth is treated differently nowadays. Fillings are not the best treatment & we prefer to teach good oral hygiene & advise on sensible eating. We will often use fluoride gels that are a painless paint-on tooth treatment that merely seals and contains the decay until the teeth fall out.

As your child gets older we check for any irregularity in the developing teeth. It is important that this be monitored so that orthodontic treatment can be considered at the appropriate time. They may be suitable for the Clearstep ®, clear brace  system which we can undertake here.  However if  not we have links to Specialist Orthodontist’s in the surrounding localities . Orthodontic treatment can help your child develop the regular smile you’ve always wanted for them……& indeed can also help adults.

All children will be offered appointments with Jenny our resident Hygienist. She will advise on correct brushing patterns & be there for any help or necessary advice. We offer preventative treatments such as fissure sealants for permanent teeth. A fissure sealant is an adhesive tooth coloured material  applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth in children & adults to prevent tooth decay. Run your finger over the biting surface of back teeth & you will feel the small depressions, called pits & fissures, where germs & food can hide. The sealant acts as a barrier to protect these chewing surfaces. Sealants have been found to be both safe & effective & are an important part of a total oral health prevention program.

If permanent teeth require repair, as a result of decay, we offer restorations (fillings) that don’t show. Children often  require longer appointments so that we don’t rush any aspect of their care. We always use careful local anaesthetics with treatment & it is important that parents support their child & explain in simple terms what will happen. Phrases such as sleepy juice, to put the tooth to sleep, are a good way of describing their 1st injection.

We want to encourage positive thoughts about their dental care & your help is paramount. If you experienced a less than ideal introduction to dental care we want to make sure this doesn’t happen for your child. Dental care has come a long way in the last 30 years & it really can be a pleasant experience for all concerned.

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